Step 1: Choose the product you want to buy. If you are on the category page, click the Details button to view the details or, you can directly add the product to the cart by clicking the Add To Cart button.

Step 2: If you are on the details page, read the product description. Select your desired size (if applicable) and input quantity and then press the Add to Cart button.

Step 3: Once you click Add to Cart, a pop-up window will appear with a drop-down list of locations to select your preferred shipping location.

a) Select your preferred shipping location from the list and press the Continue button.

b) If you are already logged into your account, the location selector drop-down will not appear.

Step 4: After selecting the location/clicking the Add to Cart button, a mini-cart will appear.

a) If you want to buy more items, add more items to your cart.

b) If you have a coupon code, click the Apply Coupon button below the mini-cart, a Coupon Code field will appear. Apply your coupon here.

c) If you wish to proceed to checkout with your cart items, press the Continue button

Step-5: On clicking the Continue button on the mini cart, you will land on a 4-step checkout page.

a) You can return to the cart by clicking the Shop More button in the mini-cart if you change your mind about adding more items to the cart.

b) Enter your phone number and click/tap on the proceed button.

c) If you are already a registered customer,

i) System will ask to input your password. Enter your password and login to your account.

ii) If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it by clicking the Forgot Password button.

d) If you are not a registered customer,

i) The system will send an OTP SMS to your phone

ii) Input the OTP and click on Submit OTP button

iii) Then, the system will ask you to choose and set a password.

iv) Enter the password of your choice and click on the Proceed button.

v) If you don’t want to set password then you can click SKIP button.

e) After login/submit OTP, checkout will take you to shipping address step.

Step 6: Select a shipping address from your list of available shipping addresses. You can edit an existing address or add a new address

Step 7: Select the shipping method. The breakdown of shipping charges is shown according to possible shipments. Click the Continue button, the checkout will take you to the payment method step.

Step 8: Select your preferred payment method from the available payment methods: Paypal/Visa/Master/Amex

Step 9: Click on the Confirm Order button, you will get a thank you message.